Meaning-Centered Coping Scale (MCCS)

David F. Carreno & Nikolett Eisenbeck, 2020

The Meaning-Centered Coping Scale (MCCS) is a 9-item scale that measures meaning-centered coping, a set of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral coping strategies that serve to create and maintain meaning in life, especially in adverse situations. It includes positive reframing, hope, existential courage, life appreciation, engagement in meaningful activities, interpersonal closeness, and prosociality. This coping style is rooted in Viktor Frankl’s and Paul Wong’s work on meaning in life. The Meaning-Centered Coping Scale has shown a robust structure and strong prediction of mental and physical health in 30 countries, above other traditional scales of coping (see Eisenbeck et al., 2021).

There are VALIDATED VERSIONS  of the MCCS in English, Spanish, Italian, Modern Arabic, German, French, Bengali, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Urdu .


Meaning-Centered Coping Scale (MCCS)


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